Compliant cloud infrastructure and expert support ease pressure on nonprofit organization

The Flexential private cloud offered The Presbyterian Foundation a compliant infrastructure to help satisfy its regulatory demands. Its team of professionals provided the expertise to support the Foundation’s small IT staff and alleviate the day-to-day management of its IT environment.

  • Independently audited infrastructure supports customer’s compliance obligations
  • 24/7/365 expert support frees IT personnel to focus on business-focused IT goals
  • Secure private cloud ensures the integrity of operations and data

Nonprofit seeks cost-effective disaster recovery to meet regulatory demands

Spurred by recent regulation, The Presbyterian Foundation – a nonprofit organization that helps raise, steward and distribute funds for mission and ministry – needed a third-party provider to provide a cost-effective disaster recovery solution to mitigate risk. Due to a recent personnel change, the organization also needed a flexible self-service, on-demand infrastructure-as-a-service management platform that didn’t require an engineer to maintain.

Unmatched customer support refocuses IT staff on critical business objectives

Backed by geographically-diverse data centers – each equipped with built-in security measures and supported 24/7/365 by technical experts – the Flexential private cloud fulfilled both goals for the Foundation. Its fully audited infrastructure allowed The Presbyterian Foundation to meet its own compliance regulations by providing a robust disaster recovery solution. Powerful, yet easy-to use, the Flexential cloud portal allows users full console access to its virtual machines as easily as plugging in a keyboard and mouse – a huge benefit for an organization with limited onsite technical staff.

Customer focused and always available, the Flexential team provided the support and expertise the Foundation’s IT team needed to shift its focus away from the day-to-day management of IT and to focus on more strategic initiatives. “The direct contact with everyone really stood out. It made a bigger impression than anyone realized,” says Andy Keeney, director of information technology for The Presbyterian Foundation. “I thought this was going to be a tough decision but when the competition didn’t even show up, I thought, ‘decision made.’”

Compliance achieved with robust disaster recovery solution

Flexential offered the flexible solution The Presbyterian Foundation needed to minimize risk across its IT environment. Additionally, the Foundation proactively met its anticipated compliance mandate by employing the Flexential private cloud to deliver its disaster recovery solution. With a commitment to deliver 100 percent uptime on power and network, Flexential ensured the nonprofit could optimize productivity and serve its customer base.

The Flexential solution also freed up the small IT staff’s time to focus on more strategic organizational priorities. With onsite experts available 24/7/365, the Flexential team is always a phone call away to offer support and guidance. “[Our Flexential services] gives me more time to focus on the actual management portion of my job versus strictly the engineering portion,” says Keeney. “It has freed up time to work on my other responsibilities within my position rather having to sit and hack things out myself.”

With Flexential reliable services and support behind its operations, The Presbyterian Foundation is prepared to continue its ministry and improve its internal IT operations.