Hybrid IT: Infrastructure today and tomorrow

We know that digital transformation is influencing what businesses do with infrastructures in the present. Growth is happening across on-premise, colocation and cloud environments in order to support significantly higher resource demands. Today, expansion and demand dominate IT environments and infrastructure. But what about tomorrow?

Here’s what the Flexential Hybrid IT Study: A Solid Business Case for Mixed Infrastructure tells us about the future of each type of infrastructure over the next two to four years:
On Premise IT Infrastructure

  • 44% will decrease usage
  • 32% will maintain usage
  • 25% will increase usage
Colocated IT Infrastructure
  • 15% will decrease usage
  • 49% will maintain usage
  • 37% will increase usage
Public Cloud Infrastructure
  • 5% will decrease usage
  • 26% will maintain usage
  • 70% will increase usage

Why All the Shifts?

Let’s talk about the projected changes for each infrastructure type, and why businesses choose different directions.

  • Overall, on-premise IT infrastructure may begin to fade
  • as IT professionals seek to maximize their contributions to business critical projects, rather than efforts that “keep the lights on,” so to speak. It’s becoming significantly less valuable to hire technology experts who toil away at alerts and blinking lights rather than working on more innovative assignments that will further business as a whole.
  • Nearly 40% of business will increase their use of colocation, while half will maintain.
  • Clearly, colocation isn’t going anywhere, and for good reason. Colocation within data center facilities are viewed as the nexus for deploying and managing multi-cloud environments, and it’s well known that maximizing innovation often involves working in and across multiple clouds. Cloud takes the internal management tasks out of keeping assets critical to business running, and ensures the security of what’s valuable.
  • 70% of businesses will increase their use of the cloud,
  • which speaks to the takeover of a service-oriented approach to IT. SaaS and applications are developed and operated in cloud platforms. There’s already next to no reason to write applications that can’t run in the cloud. In two to four years from now, it’s reasonable to assume it’ll be practically unheard of; the future is cloud-native, and all apps are cloud apps.

Cloud is often considered an area of a hybrid IT strategy in which the most innovation can take place; resources are scaled nearly instantaneously. Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD), a primary component of cloud native, is a big player here. Engineering and deployments now happen around-the-clock. Cloud computing is the perfect enabler for efficiency and overall responsiveness.

Your business and its IT environments in the future

Thanks to the feedback of our survey participants, can identify how environments will change to keep pace with the evolving approach to hybrid IT. On-premise IT infrastructure is losing its place (though gradually), while businesses seek the value of cloud computing and colocation with greater frequency.

We can’t prescribe a one-size-fits-all approach to maximizing the flexibility and efficiencies a hybrid configuration has to offer—no two businesses are alike with regards to their future goals and current assets. We can tell you, though, that the best advantage of a hybrid IT strategy is the ability to pick the environments that best enhance the functionality of the applications and systems you’ll run in them.

It’s never too early to plan for the future, so you might consider starting by identifying the areas of your infrastructure that no longer delivers the highest level of service to the assets they house. Consider where your business experiences pressure, and how you can shift your IT strategy to play to your strengths, and the strengths of your team members.

At Flexential, we respect the strategic motivations behind hybrid information technology, and work closely with our customers to implement the very best solutions for their unique IT assets, while continually evaluating what will be most effective in the future. If you’re wondering how you should plan for infrastructure changes of the future to best support your business, contact us at sales@flexential.com or (866) 448-9378 to speak with one of our experts.