Cloud Competency: Cloud Desktop

Businesses today are leveraging the security, availability, financial and maintenance benefits of cloud computing throughout the organization. But, can you apply the benefits of the cloud to employee desktops, providing secure access to current application configurations and data from any device around the world?

Yes, the cloud does that.

What is Cloud Desktop? Cloud Desktop, or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), is a cloud solution that provides access to your customized applications and data from a service provider’s data center to end users through a secure multi-tenancy architecture.

In this cloud deployment model, the Cloud Desktop provider manages the infrastructure, security and maintenance to the back-end of the Virtual Desktop infrastructure (VDI), leaving organizations to focus on their core business.

Benefits of the Cloud Desktop Security: Laptops are fine, but they are also vulnerable to corruption, theft, accidents and disasters. To reduce security risks, Cloud Desktop solutions store user data and assets offsite, in an access controlled data center.

Availability: Tight deadlines and dispersed teams require around the clock access to applications and data. With a Cloud Desktop solution, users can access their data and assets from any device, at any time. Should one of the devices get lost, stolen or damaged, they can pick up where they left off on another device.

Easy for IT: It is time consuming and costly to manage and support computing in-house, not to mention difficult to ensure that every user is running the same version of an application. Users tend to put patches and updates on the back burner, sometimes two or three versions behind. With a Cloud Desktop solution, organizations can manage the license, version and configuration of users’ applications and assets to ensure everyone is current, supported and running the proper versions.

Total Cost: As with most cloud solutions, Cloud Desktops are more cost effective than an in-house VDI solution because the DaaS provider eliminates the need to buy, store and maintain expensive hardware.

Cloud Desktop from Flexential

Flexential Cloud Desktops, powered by Dizzion, brings the benefits of cloud computing to the desktop. Your employees can use any device to access their organizations customized applications anywhere and enjoy the security and control of a traditional office environment.

Customers can add more services a la carte to meet workforce demands. Whatever your configuration, Cloud Desktop can optimize your employee productivity and corporate security.

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