The modern organization faces increased challenges in driving business growth in today’s ever-evolving era of digital transformation and heavily leans on IT optimization, scalability, security and compliance. But when it comes to deciding between cloud and colocation services to enable these transformation initiatives, IT decision-makers are faced with a myriad of competing priorities and challenges. They are confronted with the difficulty of balancing immediate needs with next-generation enhancements to move their objectives forward and to compete in today’s always-on, data-intensive environment.

The importance of both cloud and colocation solutions continues to increase across workloads and industries, and those trends will continue as IT organizations look to get out of the server maintenance business and move away from on-premise infrastructure. More than ever, a dynamic strategy that aligns IT initiatives with organizational goals is needed to meet the need for reliability, security and convenience and maintain a competitive edge.

These truths are confirmed by IT decision-makers at more than 130 U.S. organizations in a 2018 colocation study commissioned by Flexential. This study shows that IT decision-makers understand the advantages of hybrid solutions and more are turning to colocation to satisfy both IT and business demands.

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