Data Center

Portland - Hillsboro 4 NEW

The newest highly connected Flexential Data Center sits on a new campus build project that kicks-off with Hillsboro 4 and is adjacent to Flexential’s Hillsboro 3 facility.   Hillsboro 4 will add 138,000 sq. ft. and 18 MW to Flexential’s  regional footprint with the initial build and an additional 54MW of capacity to meet and exceed increasing customer demand on the FlexAnywhere™ platform. The new development will also provide ecosystem partners with room for future growth in the Pacific Northwest, delivering access to multiple subsea cables in Flexential’s highly-connected NAP of the Northwest.

4915 NE Starr Blvd
Hillsboro, OR 97124


Portland - Hillsboro 4 NEW


total square foot facility


watts per square foot power density


SLA on power, cooling, network and bandwidth

Facility Specifications

  • 138,000 sq. ft. total square foot facility

  • 18 MW of critical power

  • Sustainably based design

  • Water-free design (WUE = 0)

  • Low PUE

hillsboro 4