Extend your reach with high levels of connectivity into service rich data centers

IoT will become a critical engine for communications service providers’ future growth. Human and machine-generated data is experiencing an overall 10x growth rate over traditional business data. Band by 2020, there is expected to be 21 billion active internet-connected devices, stretching legacy telco infrastructures. This creates a massive opportunity for communications service providers that can provide not only the bandwidth and speeds but most importantly the reach to tap into this huge market. The success of next-generation networks will rely on the core fiber network as well as edge computing to support anticipated growth in data services.

With Flexential, you can access connectivity-rich and enterprise-grade data centers across the U.S. in many underserved and rapidly growing markets such as Denver, Phoenix and Charlotte, N.C. interconnected by a 100Gbps network backbone, scalable up to 400Gbps. This allows you to quickly expand your reach into these growing markets, while minimizing capex and opex.

Communication service providers today require global connectivity beyond North America, to fast-growing markets such as China and the South Pacific. Flexential’s Portland data center houses the termination point for the New Cross Pacific and Hawaiki subsea cables, delivering an optimized, low-latency route for companies seeking high speed and bandwidth-intensive access to and from markets across Asia, including China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan as well as New Zealand and Australia.

Take advantage of the connectivity-dense and service rich offering of tier I data centers in tier II markets by partnering with Flexential.

Features and benefits

Features of communication service provider solutions

  • Peering exchanges in Denver and Charlotte, N.C. with additional exchanges planned across the U.S.
  • New Cross Pacific and Hawaiki subsea cable connectivity with access to Asia and the South Pacific
  • Over 80 on-net carriers
  • Compliance and security: HITRUST, HIPAA, PCI, Privacy Shield, SOC1, SOC2, SOC3

Benefits of communication service provider solutions

  • Connectivity-dense data centers in fast growing, underserved U.S locations
  • 100Gbps nation-wide backbone with DDoS protection included
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • International connectivity extended from the South Pacific to London and Amsterdam

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What our customers say
"Flexential builds long-term relationships with customers, and they have earned our trust by delivering more than is expected and demonstrating time and again a willingness to go the extra mile."
Will Baccich, Chief Executive Officer, Global Data Vault